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You have found a real estate company with 20/20 vision.


We see perfectly what  today's realty consumers want.


We see perfectly what today's realty consumers want.

You are at the right place if you are planning to sell real estate and you:

  • Want to save money by selling as a for-sale-by-owner.

  • Want the opportunity to do some of the agent's work yourself when selling to save on the commission.

  • Want the marketing power of the internet and Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and retain your right to sell by owner.

  • Think it is unfair to charge more to sell an expensive home than to sell an inexpensive home when the time, expense and energy are so similar.

  • Are concerned about your net proceeds or "how much you will put in the bank after you sell". 

  • Our SELLWI$E Services will help you to be a smarter seller. It wasn't too long ago that homeowners only had two options to sell their home: Selling it as a for sale by owner themselves with little exposure or paying thousands of dollars for a full service traditional broker to sell your listing through the local MLS. Thanks to the Internet other options are now available. Unlike traditional real estate companies our company provides several valuable selling services for for sale by owners. Our SELLWI$E Network of discount real estate agents, fee for service brokers, flat rate or flat fee mls listing agents offer selling services that are priced to save you thousands of dollars. Our SELLWI$E Services allow homeowners to market their home wisely and professionally to prospective buyers shopping with an agent and those shopping without an agent. If you prefer to market your home 100% as a for sale by owner we offer you national exposure for less than $100.00 on popular web sites like,, and as well as several other productive sites. If you want to by-pass paying a listing agent thousands of dollars at closing for listing your home or real estate in the MLS you can do it for $399 to $699 through one of our SELLWI$E™ Flat Fee MLS Listing Agents. The added advantage of using the MLS is you also get "Where the World Shops for Real Estate Online™". If by itself doesn't mean much to you try combining it's brand name with AOL which has 33 million members and uses exclusively on it's AOL House & Home area. Of course you can advertise your home for sale free on many FSBO sites and on our and sites, but the combined traffic on those sites won't even come close to's 2 million unique visits a month. Selling a home today is more complicated than ever with over 32 states requiring seller property disclosure statements along with other laws. With our local SELLWI$E Agents and SELLWI$E Closing Attorneys you'll be able to get the assistance you are looking for regarding disclosures, sales agreements, closing documents, escrows and closings. If you want the resources to sell your home affordably and professionally by owner or through a local licensed real estate agent we have the marketing tools and the network of professionals to help you get the job done. Traditional real estate companies are set up like a buffet, you pay for everything regardless if you use it/want it or not. What we provide is primarily a la´ carte or fee for service real estate services for today's sellers so they can select the services they want without paying for the services they don't want.            

    You are at the right place if you are planning to buy real estate and you:

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    • Want a real estate agent who will serve you rather than sell you.

    • Want a free no hassle mortgage loan pre-approval with guaranteed closing cost from a major lender.

    • Want professional buyer agent representation on your next real estate purchase.

    • Want the convenience of one stop shopping for real estate and related services.

    Our BUYWI$E Services will help you be a smarter buyer. Our buyers have an opportunity to purchase their home wisely whether the home is listed on the MLS or whether it is a for sale by owner. When you use one of our BUYWI$E Agents, you get an agent who specializes in providing professional buyer representation. We also can provide you free mortgage loan pre-approval with guaranteed closing cost. Once you are pre-approved you will have the same negotiating power as a cash buyer. When you close you will also receive a free home warranty valued at $405, 30-50% discount on name brand flooring and contractor pricing on name brand appliances for up to one year. If a home warranty is not desired or needed a free Rooms To Go Gift Certificate for $500 may be substituted by providing proof of closing with the BUYWI$E™ Agent we referred you to. You must provide a copy of the settlement statement within 48 hours of closing and we will provide you the Gift Certificate within 7 business days of your notification. More important than the BUYWI$E Perks you receive is the opportunity for you to avoid common conflicts of interest that comes with buying real estate through the seller's listing agent. We take the position that the buyer's agent's sales commission is traditionally included in the selling price of the home and it's the buyer who is actually paying for the real estate services he/she receives. With this perspective we strongly feel you deserve the best representation possible from your agent. If you buy your home directly through the listing agent you will not be represented exclusively. Without being represented exclusively you are not likely to negotiate the best price, terms and conditions for the real estate you buy. Without having a buyer's agent as your advocate you will not likely receive the valuable services that can ultimately make you thousands of dollars as a future seller. After helping hundreds of real estate consumers through the buying and selling process, the one thing that appeared time and time again was that the best time to make a profit on real estate when you go to sell is when you buy it. That will only happen by shopping with the right agent, negotiating the right price, terms, conditions and selecting the right property located in the right area. A professional buyer's agent will be your advocate, real estate counselor and provider of guidance as a first time buyer or a seasoned home buyer. Our BUYWI$E Buyer's Agents are required to sign a Buyer's Representation Agreement that makes them legally bound by law to represent your best interest as their client. Using a BUYWI$E™ Agent gives you the assurance you want and need when making important decisions concerning your real estate purchase.       

    Our success is a direct result of providing pro-consumer real estate services that work. Our complete focus is to embrace change and to respect and respond to our customers' needs. Our goal is to provide both professional and affordable solutions for realty consumers nationwide.

    According to most reports. "The personal residence is the largest single, most infrequent and regulated transaction Americans will have in their lifetime. In 2002 approximately 5.3 million housing units changed owners in the US. With over 70,000 real estate firms and 100,000 closing service providers the real estate industry contributes to approximately 12% of the nations GDP."

    Many of the services we provide today were created as a result of a study conducted by the Consumer Federation of America (CFA) in the early 90’s. Their research revealed that if home buyers and sellers knew more about the services of real estate agents, they could save billions of dollars a year and obtain better value for those services. Even now more than a decade later it is still true buyers and sellers could save billions and thanks to the Internet more and more are learning how to get more value from the real estate services they use. Some of our services we provide are services CFA recommended sellers and buyers use  or consider using when they completed their research.

    Services like our free for-sale-by-owner advertising may generate visits to our web site, but it is our network of pro-consumer real estate professionals that builds loyalty, and trust that keeps our customers coming back nationwide. The professionals we use have a direct influence on our customers' success when buying or selling their home or other real estate. Our experienced buyers' agents and our Flat Fee MLS Listing Realtors® create added value for our customers and promote word of mouth advertising as well. We recognize that the network of professionals we use are essential for our continued success. We only use the professionals who have the right attitude about serving today's real estate consumers and are service oriented and career motivated. Our customers rely on the expertise that these agents have acquired through 100's of hours of professional training and years of working with buyers and sellers in their local area. We value their individuality and creativity. They value being a part of our network which makes it a win-win situation for all parties involved.


    Our SELLWI$E™ Promise

    Our goal is for every seller we do business with to be satisfied with our services.

    If you are not satisfied we want to know. Although we can't guarantee you will sell your home or other real estate we want to give you assurance that your money was not wasted.


    If you are not successful in selling your home or other real estate with our Flat Fee MLS Listing Service and you decide you want to list your property with a local full service real estate company we will be happy to refer you. Upon notification of your closing with the referred company we will provide you within 7 business days a Rooms To Go Gift Certificate in the amount you paid to use our SELLWI$E™ Flat Fee MLS Service. This is a value of $399-$699 depending on the amount of your initial order.


    Our BUYWI$E Promise

    Our goal is for every buyer we serve to be satisfied with our services. If you are not satisfied we want to know. Although we can't guarantee you will find the perfect home or other real estate we do want to offer you some assurance that your success is important to us.


    If you are not successful in finding the right home or real estate with the Buyer's Agent we placed you with and you decide you want to use another agent affiliated with a different company we will be happy to refer you to another buyer's agent. Upon notification and proof of your closing with the referred company we will provide you within 7 business days a $500 Rooms To Go Gift Certificate or a Home Warranty valued at $405.


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    Today's Realty Consumer 

    According to recent study by the National Association of Realtors you are:

    • Technically competent

    • Making use of a vast number of online resources

    • Wanting to be included in the decision process

    • Extremely price sensitive, but willing to pay for services that offer value

    • Expecting to receive excellent customer service

    • Quick to provide both negative and positive feedback

    Back Up

    Multiple listing service (MLS) A computer database service that provides Realtors® with detailed listings of most properties currently on the market.  Have access to this service is main reason Realtors® are so successful in selling real estate. Back Up

    For Sale By Owner (FSBO) Selling your house without a real estate broker. Doing so can save you a commission but requires that you devote time and energy not only to marketing and showing the property but also to learning and following the legal rules controlling sales of real estate in your area. The acronym, FSBO is pronounced "fizzbo." Back Up

    Flat Fee MLS Listing or Flat Rate MLS Listing A listing agreement between the listing agent and the seller where the seller pays a fixed amount in-lieu of paying a commission for listing and selling a property in the Multiple Listing Service. This service provides the primary marketing service that most sellers are seeking when the use a real estate agent. Back Up

    A la´ Carte or Fee For Service  A real estate broker that provides various services for real estate consumers which may  include but is not limited to preparing offers to purchase, consulting buyers and sellers, listing real estate in the realtor MLS, preparing Comparative Market Analysis. Back Up


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    Our mission is flexibility and control for our clients and customers.

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